How To Use Eunicas

1. - Register with EUNiCAS

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When you register to join EUNiCAS, you will:

  1. be able to set up your own ‘My Eunicas’ account
  2. add programmes to a shortlist in your account as you browse our extensive database
  3. select between one and eight of your shortlisted programmes and apply to them. When youdo this, you will receive ‘Application Guidelines' from us for each of the programmes that you are applying to, in support of your application to be accepted onto these programmes
  4. Know that your chosen universities have been alerted to your interest and can expect an application in due course
  5. be able to access us with questions about your applications
  6. receive regular SMS and email alerts as deadlines approach, Open days are announced, vacant places are announced or new programmes are launched

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2. Step-by-Step Guide to Using EUNICAS

  1. Register with us, giving your name, e-mail and mobile number
  2. Pay your Registration Fee of €38.
  3. Go into your ‘My Eunicas’ account and create a personal password.
  4. Browse the Eunicas database and add programmes to a Shortlist in your account [you can shortlist any number of degree programmes].
  5. Note that the only way to add programmes into your Pre-Application Form is by short listing them first.
  6. Add notes if appropriate in your on-line notebook.
  7. Complete your on-line Pre-Application Form [you need to reduce the number of programmes to eight if you have shortlisted more than eight programmes].
  8. Press ‘Submit Now’ to send your Pre Application Form to us. You will also be automatically emailed a copy of your Pre Application Form.
  9. Please note that you cannot currently save a partially completed Pre Application Form. You need to complete and submit the form in one sitting.
  10. You will be e-mailed, within 48 hours, copies of ‘Application Guidelines’ for each course you are applying for.
  11. Follow the instructions in each ‘Application Guidelines’ and feel free to contact us for further support and advice.

    * your account is valid for 12 months from the date you first subscribe [This enables Year 12 (UK) and 5th Year (Ire) students to begin the process before they  enter their final year at school

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