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BA Computational Linguistics

3 years

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Programme profile

Language and the computer: isn't that an odd couple? For us humans, language is easily used and at the same time essential. Looking at computers dealing with language, on the other hand, often leaves us with ambivalent feelings. Who hasn't laughed about whimsical results produced by automatic translation websites? At the same time, there are areas in which computers cope with language fairly well, for example in spell checking, Internet search engines or in reading out texts.

Computational linguistics investigates language from a formal point of view. The understanding of language gained by doing so can then be 'taught' to a computer. There are many different applications of computational linguistics, ranging from innovative software for language teaching to novel types of search engines. So, language and computers indeed are an odd couple: but computational linguistics helps them come together in the end.

This programme offers not only the basics of linguistics and programming; special modules such as parsing, text technology, grammar formalisms, and many modules on current themes in science establish an explicit connection between linguistics and computer science.

Only the first year of this programme is taught through English. Thereafter, the programme is taught in German & English. All exams can be sat in English.

Note, there are no tuition fees but there is a semester fee of about EUR250, to cover admin expenses


The university does not currently offer a related Masters programme, completely taught through English

Entry Requirements

4 A-Levels [inc one A/S level] in different subjects, including a Language PLUS Maths OR Physics, OR Chemistry )R Biology/ Both the language and Maths must be at A2 Level

Leaving Certificate showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5), other subjects at least Grade H6. Subjects to include two languages [inc. Irish] and Hons Maths.




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