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History & Archaeology

BA Archaeology

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

Archaeology is the science that defines societies in the past with the help of material remains. Archaeology is a broad discipline, as it covers all aspects of past human societies, from human origins to historical archaeology. You will learn about ancient cultures and archaeological research methods, but also about geology, ecology and characteristics of material. During the study you will actively participate in excavations, spending your days in the open air. Furthermore, you will examine finds in a laboratory and learn how to write academic reports.

Note: if you need accommodation through the university's Housing Office, you mist apply by 01 May

Programme content

First Year
This year consists of introductory modules, building basic knowledge and general skills that every archaeologist should have. You learn about the development of archaeology as an academic discipline, and the most important concepts and theories are addressed. But you will also roll up your sleeves, for example during field work in an actual research project.

Second Year
The second year consists of several general modules, and also gives you the opportunity to specialise.Three specialist profiles are offered, from which you choose two: Archaeology of North-Western Europe, Early Civilisations and Archaeological Sciences.  

Third Year
In the third year, half of the programme consists of optional subjects for further focus through a theme related to either archaeology in a global context, archaeological sciences or world heritage; or to focus more on a region such as North-Western Europe, the Mediterranean, the Near East, or the Americas. You can also take your optional subjects in the form of a minor offered by another department within Leiden University.


In the second and third years of your studies you do an internship of at least ten weeks. At least five weeks have to consist of excavating.


Graduates can progress to Leiden's MA Archaeology

Entry Requirements

Three A-levels (CCC preferred) and 3 GCSEs

Six passes at LC, three at H4.




10 October

15 June