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BA Art & Technology

3 years

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Programme profile

Art and Technology (ArT) is for students with an urge to create and to work with the interactive field between art and technology. ArT will challenge you to develop and demonstrate your artistic creativity and to design large scale installations and events in cross-disciplinary teams.

During First Year you will work with spatiality, installations and constructions in workshops and minor projects. The focus is on materials and the quality of experience. In the Second Year you will work with "intelligent tools" and "interactive spaces" in which the physical world interacts with the audience. You will work with such subjects as sensors, robots, interactive graphics, audio and new media.. You will participate in a major study tour to a European destination and will work with the best installation artists and engineers in the field.

In your final year your skills in narrative technique will be strengthened. Project work will involve artists and specific target audiences, and will result in the design of major events, experience parks or scenic courses of events. You will complete a Bachelor's project which will give you the opportunity to specialise within your primary field of interest

Programme content

Year 1: Tectonics; Metal, Wood & Concrete; Perception; Morphology & Topology; Design & Artistic Methodology; Drawing & Sketching Technique; History of Art; Installation Technology & Design; Space & Scale; CAD; Scandinavian Studies

Year 2: Sensors & Actuators; Programming; Design & Artistic Methodology; Drawing & Sketching Technique [Animation]; Digital Representation; History of Art; Art Installation Design; Interaction Design; Image & Sound Systems; CAD: Spatial Animation; Hybrid Spaces & Interaction; Art in Context; European Studies; Study Tour

Year 3: Characters & Realms; Installation Technology & Design; narration, Drama & Media; Manus & Scripting; Architectural Universe; Multimeda; Image & Sound Systems; Aesthetic Communication; Electives; Final Project


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Art & Technology
- Urban Design
- Digital Design
- Medialogy
- Interactive Digital Media and Experience Design

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education (with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels, 1 A-level + 4 AS-levels. Subjects to include Maths, History AND a Foreign Language OR Communication/IT

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5. FETAC Level 5 Certificates and Level 6 Advanced Certificates will be considered for admission only to same study field as they would gain entry for in Ireland.Subjects to include Maths, History AND a Foreign Language OR Communication/IT




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