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Liberal Arts & Sciences

BA/BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges

3 years

€4418 pa

Programme profile

The programme takes place in the Hague, at Leiden University College [LUC], a college of Leiden University.

Students gain broad knowledge of the wider world, but also study one area of interest more deeply: their "major".

Within the framework provided by the institution, the students have the responsibility to compose their own individual programme. LUC offers you a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum, with freedom to design your own study programme in accordance with your own personal interests and ambitions. The LUC majors all have their own perspectives on global challenges and offer a framework within which students attain a degree of depth in disciplines while integrating knowledge from various disciplines.

The college offers a flexible and versatile curriculum framed by pressing questions of peace, justice and sustainability; these questions are nuanced and developed through a matrix of individual courses that can be sequenced together into coherent, progressive tracks, which can then in turn be combined to form majors that will determine the exit trajectory of LUC graduates. In general, our majors are thematically rather than disciplinary-oriented and each of them culminates in a final 'capstone project'.

Fee includes standard statutory Tuition Fee of Eur 2143 plus an Institutional Fee

Programme content

General Education
This part of the curriculum is compulsory for all students and starts in the first semester. LUC's programme revolves around 4 Global Challenges: Peace & Justice, Sustainability, Prosperity, and Diversity.

Each Global Challenge will be taught in the first year, in order to help you understand interdisciplinary thinking as well as provide a window into each Major.

Academic Skills
All students learn to present and write in Academic English, they work on their quantitative and qualitative research skills, their mathematical skills are also trained.

The Major
In Years 2 and 3, students specialise in one of the following majors:

- Human Diversity
- International Justice
- Governance, Economics & Development
- Earth, Energy & Sustainability
- World Politics
- Global Public Health

Capstone Project
You can carry out individual research, or can also do a research internship with for example one of the international institutions in The Hague. Another option is to take part in a Capstone Project group, which is a group working on a larger project under the supervision of a researcher


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

Evolution and Conservation Biology;
Industrial Ecology;
Public Administration;
Public International Law;
International Relations and Diplomacy;
Political Science;
Area Studies

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (CCC, or above). A-S Maths required

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers (CC) and at least 4 Highers (BBBB). Subjects to include Maths.

30 points in IB (inc Maths HL4 or SL4)

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate at H3 or above.



Yes: Admissions Essay & Letter of Motivation

01 October

01 April