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Social Sciences

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Bachelor in South and South East Asian Studies

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

Today, South and Southeast Asia is a dynamic, beautiful, and promising region, home to almost a third of the world’s population, almost two thirds of its Muslim population, and the majority of its rapidly growing, successful developing economies. Endlessly diverse in languages and cultures, the countries of South and Southeast Asia are united by increasingly strong democratic values, and by a growing orientation toward global markets.

Are you interested in India, Indonesia or Tibet? Their politics, religions, music, films, architecture, or literature? Would you like to learn a language that will give you access to new cultural worlds? Are you curious about the history of the region, or is your focus more on the present and the future? This programme offers you a wide range of options for studying this region in all its

Note: if you need accommodation through the university's Housing Office, you mist apply by 01 May diversity.

Programme content

In your first year you will follow core courses designed to give you a basic understanding of the history, cultures, and modern societies of South and Southeast Asia. In addition, you will also follow elective courses of your own choosing. Your most important choice will be between the four available languages, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Indonesian, the study of one of which will make up one third of your programme, in both Year 1 and Year 2. In your first year you will also choose between introductory courses on three major religions of the region, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

In Year 2 you will opt for one of two thematic specialisations or ‘tracks’, ‘Modern South and Modern Southeast Asia’ and ‘Classical Cultures of South and Southeast Asia’, each with its own range of elective courses to choose from. It will also be possible to follow one course from the other track if you so wish.

In Year 3, you will complete a research thesis, after having spent a semester in a university, in a country relevant to your language choice .

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels [Min Grade C]. AS Maths preferred.

Six Higher level passes, inc three at H4. Hons Maths preferred



Yes: Letter of Motivation

10 October

15 June