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BSc Cognitive Science

3 years

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Programme profile

In this programme, you are introduced to the fundamentals of theories of cognition. You learn how to design and carry out your own studies of the mind, the brain and human behaviour.

Courses consists of both lectures and classroom instruction, where you participate in discussions, make presentations and work with your study group. You also work with practical lab work learning to analyse data from brain scans, behavioural experiments and large text databases. The programme also introduces you to experimental design and statistics, cognitive neuroscience, consciousness as well as cognitive approaches to communication and culture.

Programme content

In the course of your studies, you learn about the fundamental cognitive processes that underlie our conscious and unconscious perceptions and actions. You learn about how humans make decisions, and how we use language to communicate, share feelings and interact with others. This requires knowledge of the relevant scientific theories as well as practical exercises where you learn how to design experiments and analyse empirical data using sophisticated statistical tools


Relevant Master's programmes at Aarhus include:
- Neuroscience
- Cognitive Semiotics

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and 3 GCSEs
Required: Maths [A2 or A/S preferred] plus Social Science subject OR History

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2H5
Required: Hons Maths [H5 preferred] plus Social Science subject OR History




01 February

15 March

Grade Point Average [GPA] can be relevant