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Computer Science

BSc Computer Science: Network Security

3 years

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Programme profile

Trojans, root kits, phishing and other threats to both individuals and businesses demand ever more attention. If you want to learn how to stop these threats, this programme is the right one for you! Use of the Internet continues to increase steadily with services like Gmail and YouTube. Sensitive and confidential information, such as credit card numbers and medical records, is sent between computers around the world. How can we ensure that this information only reaches those it is meant for? To become an expert in IT security, particularly network security, a series of competencies are required. You have to be good at handling a computer and understand how the different parts of a computer system works. Especially you also need to be able to program computers.

Computer science includes a number of areas, such as operating systems and databases. You will, however, primarily focus on the areas networks and security. This means that you will study courses such as administration of networks, mobile and wireless security, and distributed systems. In order to achieve IT security, encryption is required.

Programme content

Year 1: Basic Mathematics; Vector Geometry; Problem Solving and Programming; Technical Information and Communication; Programming and Data Structures; Computer Security; Computer Science Project

Year 2: Software Engineering: Processes ;Operating Systems; Computer Technology; Elective ; Computer Networks - an introduction; Cryptography and Coding; Computer Networks: Administration

Year 3: Database Theory; Network Security; Web 2.0 Programming; Mobile and Wireless Security; Elective; Bachelors Project


The university offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Information Systems
- Software Technology

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels + 3 (GCSE's (grades between A and C), to include Maths, Chemistry & Physics

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths, Chemistry & Physics




01 December

18 April