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BSc Psychology

3 years

€2083 pa

Programme profile

Psychology plays a role in every aspect of life and society: in the mental health and wellbeing of people, in education, in recruitment for businesses, in the prevention of accidents, in sports and leisure, in economics and consumer trends, and in the resolution of conflicts between people and countries. Psychologists are interested in the interplay between emotions and cognition that lies at the basis of the decisions people make. They study people’s behaviour and perceptions in a scientific manner, using a variety of methodologies.

Programme content

The first year of the programme begins with a coherent overview of the entire field of psychology. Next, you will obtain deeper knowledge of and insight into the various subdisciplines: clinical, health and neuropsychology, developmental psychology, organisational and social psychology, and cognitive psychology. An important component in this year is research methodology: the methods and statistics courses cover one quarter of the study credits for the first year.

In the second year you will focus on the practical professional skills of a psychologist, such as diagnostics, interview techniques and data analysis, and you will be able to follow in-depth courses in some of the subdisciplines: Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Biopsychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Organisational Psychology or Methodology. During the second part of the second year and the entire third year you will be freer in how you put your programme together. You can choose to concentrate on a particular subdiscipline and specialise, or you can choose courses from various subdisciplines to further orient yourself in the field. There is also room to take electives.

By the third year you will probably have a fair idea of what you want to do in the future. You may want to get a master’s degree in one of the subdisciplines of psychology, or prepare for a job. The third year allows you to choose courses that help you achieve your goals. You will complete the bachelor’s programme with a bachelor project: a research project that you will carry out in a small group and is completed with an individually written bachelor thesis.

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels [Grade C or above preferred] plus 3 GCSEs [Grade C or above] Maths at A2 or AS mot required but strongly preferred

At least four Scottish Highers and/or Advanced Highers in A-B for the Higher and A-C for the Advanced Higher subjects

Six higher level subjects at Leaving Certificate [three at H4, usu to inc a language]. Higher Maths not required, but strongly preferred

Yes: On-line Assessment


Yes: Letter of Motivation

10 October

15 January