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Burgundy School of Business - BSB [ecole Superieure de Commerce Dijon] was founded in 1900. As early as 1916, Burgundy School of Business opened its doors to a mixture of students with almost 20% of the student body comprised of young women. The international adventure was greatly encouraged and facilitated in 1919 by the arrival of the first American students, and by the award of scholarships for study in foreign countries in 1922.

Today, BSB offers eight Master's degrees and one Bachelor's degree in Management taught in English or in French, accredited by the Conferences des Grandes Ecoles and open to French and international students. The School currently has an enrolment of about 1500 students. International students represents 30% of the student body including 46 nationalities.

The CEREn (Burgundy School of Business Corporate Research Centre) was founded in 2003 to coordinate the research work of professors at Burgundy School of Business. The activities of the CEREn directly concern corporate and international issues. The CEREn helps build the reputation of the school thanks to the growing contribution of its professors to the scientific community, and stimulates progress in teaching by encouraging professors to keep abreast of developments in their respective disciplines.

Since 2008, Burgundy School of Business has been working towards the school of tomorrow by developing a unique model of global alliance with Oxford Brookes University. This major milestone in the history of the school will lead to the creation of a veritable Franco-British Business School, based in two sites (Oxford and Dijon) with shared programmes.

Courses offered through English


Burgundy School of Business does not own or manage student accommodation but the International Office can help you look for the best options. You should budget for about €400 per month