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Founded in 1872, Sciences Po offers a multi-disciplinary education in the social sciences (Economics, Law, History, Sociology, Political Science). Around 200 researchers in Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences and History, based in 9 research centres, work on multi-disciplinary projects focusing on the key issues facing the contemporary world. According to the college, its researchers are recognised internationally and benefit from access to the largest social science library on the European continent.

In addition to its flagship campus in Paris, Po Sciences has regional centres in Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers and Reims. Each centre is specialised in a particular region of the world. Students numbers are low - 100 to 250 students at each regional centre - which means that each campus has a real community feel, These seven campuses cater for almost 4000 undergraduate students, of whom one-third are enrolled in the regional campuses.

The regional campuses offer the same core subjects as in Paris but take a new approach as regards the course organisation, intensified language teaching and international diversity. They share some common characteristics: small structure, students from all over the world, which distinguish them from the Paris undergraduate campus.

The Reims campus, the latest Sciences Po international campus, opened its doors in September 2010. It welcomes an equal number of north-American and European students to an English-speaking campus. On the site of a former Jesuit College, an exceptional architectural complex in the centre of the city [made available to Sciences Po by the city of Reims], students have the opportunity to enjoy an academic experience connecting both the European model (intellectual content of the courses, methodology) and the American approach (group work and interactive exchanges). Great emphasis is also placed on sport, artistic activities and student organisations.

Courses offered through English


The Teilhard de Chardin residence is located about 20mn walking distance from campus.Flats there are at €298.70  per month & rooms at €230.63 per month