Royal Conservatory of Brussels





The Conservatory is located in the cultural heart of Brussels. It organises numerous artistic events and is therefore very much a part of and contributor to the social and cultural life of the capital city. The Queen Elisabeth Contest, the Festival of Flanders, the Festival of the Arts (KunstenfestivaldesArts), Ars Musica, the Munt Opera House, the Museum of Instruments: these are just a few of the cultural events and institutions the Conservatory actively contributes to or cooperates with.

he music curricula and forms of examination at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels are based on international standards and checked against the curricula of similar European institutionsThe Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music is part of an international network of music conservatories in Europe.

Students can spend part of their academic programme (from 3 months up to 1 year) at a foreign conservatory or university. The study period abroad will be integrated into the curriculum at the Brussels conservatory without delaying graduation

Courses offered through English


You should budget for €350 - €400 per month for accommodation.