Programmes Still Open in the Netherlands
Written on Friday, 20 May 2016 13:33

Though a lot of the popular programmes in Research Universities, in the Netherlands, have closed, there are many programmes still accepting applications for entry in 2016, particularly in the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). The UAS offer a range of very practical (less academic) and employment-focused programmes. Generally, the entry requirement for all of the programmes below is 6 passes at LC [2 Hons C] in Ireland or 3 A-levels plus 3 GCSEs in the UK.

The following programmes are still accepting applications:

Research Universities
Advanced Technology: U. Twente
Artificial Intelligence: Radboud U.
Arts & Culture: Maastricht U
Arts & Culture: Radboud U.
Biomedical Sciences: Maastricht U
Chemistry: Radboud U
Computer Science: U. Twente
Electrical Engineering: U. Twente
European Law Maastricht U
European Studies: Maastricht U
International Bus. Communication: Radboud U
Industrial Design: U. Twente
Knowledge Engineering: Maastricht U
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Tilburg
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Utrecht [U.C. Roosevelt]
Liberal Arts & Sciences: Erasmus U.
Molecular Life Sciences: Radboud U.
On-Line Culture & Media: U. Tilburg
Psychology: U. Twente

Enschede: base of both U. Twente and Saxion UAS

Universities of Applied Sciences 
[this is a small selection of the programmes still available]

Auto Engineering: HAN
Civil Engineering: HZ
Comms & Multi-Media: Hague
Design: Hanze
Electronic Engineering: Fontys
European Studies: Hague
Fine Art: Royal Academy
Fine Art: Hanze
Game Design: Hanze
Game Design: Saxion
Hotel Management: Stenden
Hotel Management: Saxion
ICT & Software: Fontys 
Intl Business Mngment: Rotterdam
Intl Business Mngment: Fontys
Intl & European Law: Hague
Intl Communication: Hanze
Intl Financial Mngment: Avans
Intl Project Mngement: Windesheim
Mathematical Engineering: InHolland
Music Management: InHolland
Media & Entertainment:  Stenden
Tourism: NHTV Breda

Fees are Eur1984, and all EU students are entitled a tuition fee loan from the Dutch government [Living expenses loans and grants are also available].

Some of these programmes close on June 1st, others much later. Check with us.

Applications in Finland Now Open
Written on Sunday, 10 January 2016 21:08

Applications are now open for programmes, taught through English, in Finland.  The application window opened on 8th January, and closes on 27th January. Finland in is in the top four providers, by numbers of programmes offered, of English-taught programmes, topped by only by the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. If you are prepared for its dark winters, the quality of its education and its free education (no tuition fees) are worth considering. 

Though there are no fees in Finland, bear in mind that the cost of living in Helsinki are similar to those of living in Manchester, and significantly less than living in London. However, do note that rents outside Helsinki [e.g. Turku] can be more than half of those pertaining in Helsinki. Most of the programmes, taught through English, are offered by the highly employment-focused Universities of Applied Sciences, rather than the more academic research universities.

Many [but not all] of the programmes require an entrance test for entry [though this isn’t usually particularly challenging] and many of the Universities of Applied Sciences run their entrance tests in London, usually in April. Often, only one exam is needed for one discipline and your results are recognised by many of the faculties in Finland that offer programmes in this same discipline.

Above: Tampere University of Technology which hs an interesting new BSc Science & Technology

Currently popular with UK- and Irish-based students are the excellent Engineering [ see here ] and Nursing [see here ], as well as the popular Physiotherapy degree in Satakunta, near Turku, in Eastern Finland. Though entry requirements are low, one word of warning though. Students are usually expected to provide A-Level or Leaving Cert., or equivalent, results by mid-July: this usually rules out current year school leavers for entry this year. If you are leaving school this year, you are likely to be required to take a gap year, though some institutions do offer a second start date in February every year, and some do have a work around for our results being so late. EUNiCAS can help you check with this: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Game Design Open Day in Breda
Written on Monday, 19 October 2015 18:21

International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) Open Day

NHTV Breda have an International Orientation programme over 10-12 March 2016 in Breda, the Netherlands. This event will give you a better idea and understanding of what it is like to study abroad and definitely will be an eye opener if you have an interest to study abroad.


Thursday 10th March
You travel to Breda at your own expenses and should arrive there no later than 16.00hrs, so you will be on time for the welcoming dinner that evening.

Friday 11th March
IGAD will organise a day during which you will get a good impression of what the study offers. You will find out what it is like to study at IGAD and meet some current students. In the evening there will be one big dinner for all the international students in the city. After this dinner you will be able to experience student city Breda yourself. (Please note this event is only for those students from Ireland and UK who already started the application process: EUNICAS will advise you on this).

Intake assessment/interview also takes place on this day.

Saturday 12th March
This is the general Open Day for NHTV. You are welcome to attend, or just explore the area.

NHTV covers the cost of 2 hotel nights (including breakfast) and dinners, you just have to get there! EUNICAS can assist with your travel plans. If you wish to bring along your parent(s), then they are more than welcome.

If you are interested in going to the IGAD,event, please contact EUNiCAS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Avans UAS holds on to top ranking
Written on Friday, 09 October 2015 21:07

Of the 27 Universities of Applied Sciences [UAS], in the Netherlands,  Avans UAS, has held onto the top-ranking in the Large University of Applied Sciences category, in the respected Keuzegids survey, This survey, published by the CHO (the Higher Education Information Centre), measures feedback from students and the universities themselves. Note that the survey takes data from the total output of the UAS, including Dutch-taught programmes, and can sometimes miss areas of excellence, in the delivery of English-taught programmes, to international students.

The top seven, in both the large UAS and medium-sized UAS, were as follows:

Large UAS

1. Avans UAS
2. Windesheim UAS
3. Hanze UAS Groningen
4. Fontys UAS 
5. Saxion UAS
7. The Hague UAS
Rotterdam UAS

Medium-sized UAS

1. CHE
2. NHTV Breda UAS
4. Zuyd UAS
5. HKU Utrecht
6. Leiden UAS
7. Stenden UAS

Above: Hanze UAS Groningen

Vacant Places Still Available Across Europe
Written on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 15:50

Vacant places are still available in many Continental European Universities. Note that these places are being quickly snapped up, so you should act now. Contact us for your next move on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Where fees are shown against Dutch programmes, be aware that all EU students can have these fees paid by way of a loan from the Dutch government, with 35 years to pay it back.

There are currently vacancies on the following programme [UPDATED 24.08.15]:

Deadline Fee [Eur]
Humanitas University ITA 28-Aug 10000
MU Lublin POL 31-Aug 10000
MU Silesia POL 12-Sep 10000
MU Varna BUL 18-Sep 8000 *
Rigas Stradins U: Feb Start LAT 30-Nov 8000
U Sofia BUL 08-Sep 4650 *
Veterinary Science
Warsaw University LS POL 1 place 7600
MU Varna BUL 18-Sep 8000 *
MU Lublin POL 31-Aug 10,800
Rigas Stradins U.: Feb Start LAT 30-Nov 14,000
University of Malta MAL 31-Aug Nil
Touro College FRA 31-Aug 7500
University Vincent Pol POL 15-Sep 3600
Sports Science
University Vincent Pol POL 15-Sep 3600
Liberal Arts & Sciences
University of Amsterdam [Feb Entry] NETH 01-Nov 4076 *
University of Maastricht [Feb Entry] NETH 01-Nov 3225 *
University of Utrecht: [Feb Entry] NETH 15-Sep 3750 *
Hague UAS [LLB International Law] NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University of Malta MAL 31-Aug Nil
European/International Relations & Politics
Hague UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University of Milan ITA 01-Sep 690+
University of Warsaw POL 19-Sep 3000
Hanze UAS [International Business] NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
Hague UAS [International Business] NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University Aarhus [Economics/Business] DEN x Nil
SKEMA Business School FRA 30-Aug 7935
Stenden UAS NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
NHTV Breda NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
VIA University College [Sales & Marketing] DEN 22-Aug Nil
Performing Arts
Institute of Arts Barcelona SPA 01-Oct 9950
Fine Art
Prague College CZE 01-Sep 4250
Information Technology/Computer Science
Copenhagen Sch Design & Technology: Feb Start DEN 15-Oct Nil
University Coll N. Denmark: Feb Start DEN 05-Dec Nil
Hanze UAS NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
Game Design/Multimedia Design
Hanze UAS NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
University Aalborg [Art & Technology] DEN 15-Sep Nil
Copenhagen Sch Design & Technology: Feb Start DEN x Nil
Media & Entertainment Management
Stenden UAS NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
University Aalborg  [Chemical] DEN 15-Sep Nil
University Aalborg  [ Electronics & IT] DEN 15-Sep Nil
University Aarhus [Global Mngmnt/Manufacturing] DEN x Nil
VIA Uni College [Architectural Technology] DEN x Nil
VIA University College [Civil] DEN x Nil
VIA University College [Mechanical] DEN x Nil
Life Sciences
University Aalborg [Biotechnology] DEN 15-Sep Nil
Lund University [Physics]: Feb Start SWE 17-Aug
JKU Linz [Biochemistry] AUS 05-Sep Nil
SKEMA  [Marine Development] FRA 31-Aug 7935
University of Maastricht [Bsc Science]: Feb Start NETH 01-Nov 3225 *
Universita Tor Vergata [Pharmacy] ITA 30-Aug 1315
Tourism/Hotel Management
NHTV Breda UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
Stenden UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
x places filled on ongoing basis, so early applications recommended
* tuition fee loans available

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