Application Deadline Looms For Some Attractive Programmes in Dutch Universites
Written in News & Updates on Thursday, 03 January 2013 00:36

The Application Deadline is fast approaching for some attractive Bachelor programmes in the Netherlands, in some of Europe's leading Universities, in particular in excellent Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes and highly thought of Physiotherapy programmes.

01 February is the application deadline for Liberal Arts & Sciences at Utrecht University [University College Utrecht], University of Amsterdam [Amsterdam University College] and Leiden University [ Leiden University College]. Deadlines are later for other Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes at Maastricht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tilburg University.

The deadline for applying to Physiotherapy in Saxion University of Applied Sciences is also 01 February, whereas Physio at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences closes on 15 February.

Two Dutch programmes in Medicine, at University of Groningen and Maastricht University, close on 01 March and 01 February respectively