Covid-19 Update: Your Applications to Europe
Written in News & Updates on Tuesday, 12 May 2020 17:38

Covid-19 Update: Your Applications to Europe

(updated 11 May)

Though all universities around Europe are currently closed, and admissions people are working from home, many will be opening soon. Generally, the 2019-2020 academic year will be finished on-line. However, many countries are still welcoming applications from international students. The next academic year (2020-2021) is due to start on a regular timetable, in most countries, though classes/lectures are likely to start on-line or through blended learning and many fresher's /orientation events will be severely curtailed.

In most countries (we are stilll waiting, for example, from a decision from Germany as to A-Levels), a Results Certificate published by the relevant examination's authority, in the same way as previous years, but showing grades arrived at through predicted or calculated grades, rather than written and/or oral examinations, will be accepted by universities, as long as your subjects/grades meet the minimum entry requirements. So 2020 candidates for A-Levels and IB should be able to enrol in their chosen progrmmes in Europe.

Below is a summary of the latest situation in key countries.

Above: From 01 June, you can once more have a coffee on the terraces of cafes in the Netherlands.


Applications: Research universities have extended the application deadline for most of their programmes without a selection procedure until 01 June. Universities of Applied Sciences are taking applications for most programmes until 01 August (though there are important exceptions, and most UAS will prefer to receive your application by 01 June).

Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 September. Classes likely to be offered, initially, through on-line and blended lerning. Indications that orientation/fresher's events will be largely moved to an online/blended footing.


Applications: Deadlines for many programmes in Italy, are late in any event, so we are unlikely to need any extensions for applications to progrmmes there in Medicine, Dentistry, and many others. The med entry test (IMAT) is due to be sat on 10 September: no decision has yet been taken as to whether this will be on-line. One problem is that the entry requirement for several programmes, outside Health Sciences, requires SAT, an exam for which recent sittings have been cancelled. The universities are yet to advise as to what approach they will be taking in these circumstances.

Academic Year: Still scheduled to start in mid-October, though a decision is still be taken on the timing of the Italian Leaving Cert, which might push back the starting date)


Applications: Most universities are still taking applications, including for medicine and veterinary medicine (but note application deadline has passed or is imminent for some of the leading med schools)

Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 October, though because the Polish Leaving Cert has been delayed, the starting date might be pushed back.


Applications: Deadlines have passed in Denmark though there is a vacant places round on 30 July. Because it is expected that fewer international students will want to or are able to (Visa and English Language test problems) travel to study, it is expected that there will more places available than in previous years.

Academic Year: Still scheduled to start on 01 September. Indications are that not only do the universities expect to engage in classes with full physical interraction, but that freshers/orientatiion events will take place (though, with social distancing.

For those other 23 countries not covered above, contact EUNICAS for more information. for situation as to Irish Leaving Certificate.