Dutch Universities in Belfast and Sligo
Written in News & Updates on Friday, 17 November 2017 01:32

They’re back! Further to the successful 'We're Going Dutch' events, last month, a group of Dutch universities are responding to local demand and quickly returning to Ireland in January, with events in Belfast and Sligo . The fact that they are taking the trouble to come back to Ireland to meet UK and Irish students (and their families), so soon after the recent events, is unsurprising in the context of the growing number of UK and Irish students currently enrolled on programmes in the Netherlands.

This is another great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (see individual event details for those universities travelling). You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements and financial concerns. Most importantly, many of the universities will be bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands and, of course, they are the real experts

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, go here:

9th January 2018 BELFAST
10th January 2018 SLIGO

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Note that in the context of Brexit, it will be to your advantage to have an EU passport (e.g. Poland, Lithuania, Ireland etc.) Rights to lower fees and student finance are secured through passport and not through residence.