Dutch Universities Report Continues Increase in Enrolments by UK Students
Written in News & Updates on Saturday, 16 February 2013 15:54

Dutch Universities are experiencing significant growth in registrations from UK students. In figures released recently in the Dutch Transfer magazine , it is shown that, in 2012, there were 971 UK students registered in the Dutch Research Universities, an overall increase of nearly 80% on 2011 figures. This figure doesn’t include the increasing numbers of UK students registering in the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences.

The highest increases were in VU Amsterdam [129%], University of Leiden [91%], University of Maastricht [91%] and University of Groningen [82%]. The highest numbers of UK students are currently registered in University of Maastricht [298], University of Amsterdam [150], University of Leiden [134], University of Utrecht [105] and University of Groningen [80]

Both the Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences are reporting a continuing trend of increasing applications from UK students for 2013 with many also reporting a significant increase in the numbers of students applying from Ireland this year.

Particularly attractive to UK and Irish students, at undergraduate level, are the Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes, as well as Economics, International Business and International Law and, amongst Irish students, the Physiotherapy programmes.