Some Programmes Still Open for applications
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Some programmes still open for applications

There are still a good number of English-taught programmes which are accepting applications in universities across Europe. These include (together with the relevant application deadline) the courses listed below (this is only a selection: there are a large number of other programmes available)


GER Berlin HTW (15th Aug)
NETH Fontys UAS (15th Aug)
NETH HAN UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hague UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hanze UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th Aug)
ITA  U. Turin (24th August)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug
NETH Fontys UAS (15
th August)
NETH Hague UAS (15th Aug)
NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)

Computer Science/Information Technology etc
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

BUL MU Plovdiv (4th Sep)
BUL MU Sofia (12th Sep)
SPA U.C. Valencia (NOW!)

NETH Fontys UAS – Electrical -15th August)
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechatronics - (15th August) 
NETH Fontys UAS – Mechanical - (15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Automotive -(15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Electrical - (15th August)
NETH HAN UAS – Mechanical - (15th August)
NETH Hanze UAS – Electrical - (15th August)

Game Design
NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)

ITA U. St Camillus – Physiotherapy (1st October)
ITA U. St Camillus – Radiology/Radiotherapy (1st October)

Hotel Management
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug)
NETH Hague UAS (15th August)

NETH Hanze UAS (15th August)
NETH Fontys UAS (15th August)

Media & Entertainment Management
NETH Fontys UAS (15th August)
NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

POL AFM Krakow University (30th August)
BUL MU Plovdiv (4th Sep)
POL MU Silesia (7th Sep)
BUL MU Sofia (12th Sep)
POL NCU Bydgoscz (26th August)

ITA U. Campania (23rd August)
ITA U. St Camillus (1st October)

ITA U La Sapienza Rome (18th Sept)

CZ  Anglo American U (16th Aug)
ITA U. Milan (5th Sept)

NETH HAN UAS (Chemistry) 15th August
NETH HAN UAS (Life Sciences) 15th August
AUS JKU (Biochemistry) 5th Sept
ITA U. Camerino (Bioscience/Biotechnology) 1st Sep

Sports Management
NETH Hague UAS (15th August)

NETH Stenden UAS (15th August)

Veterinary Medicine/Animal Care
ITA U. Padua – Animal Care – (21st August)
POL Warsaw ULS - Veterinary Medicine - (15th August)

At most of these universities, you have a Right To An Education provided you meet their minimum entry requirements (In Ireland, that is six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H5 or, for Dutch Universities, six passes at Leaving Cert, inc 2 x H4). Some programmes have subject requirements and most of those in the Health Sciences have an entrance test. Note that those described as UAS (Universities of Applied Sciences) will take a relevant FETAC Level 5 as meeting their entry requirements 

Contact us now  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can assist you with programme choice, ensure that you apply correctly and can assist you in a range of areas, such as student finance and accommodation.