U. Twente Liberal Arts & Technology Programme still Open for Applications
Written in News & Updates on Wednesday, 23 July 2014 16:32

University of Twente's innovative Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences is still open for applications from EU students. [Application Deadline: 15 August] This exciting programme, offered at the university’s Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) combines Technology with Social Sciences . It offers an interdisciplinary programme for students, integrating social and technical perspectives into a 'new engineering' approach.

ATLAS offers a unique approach to learning: the programme is project-driven and centered around real-world themes (Human Movement, Nano-Robotics, Tracers for Personal Safety, Smart 3D Printing, Alternatives for Renewable Energy or the feasibility of a Mars Space Station. More details of the programme here.

English student Nick Gregory, currently studying on the programme, points to three key elements of the programme: “First of all, I liked the breadth. Other programmes more or less force you to commit yourself to a field you may not even be sure about yet. ATLAS offers a very broad perspective, while at the same time leaving room for specialising . The second attraction to me was the project-based educational method, in which you are constantly applying knowledge to real-world issues and situations. It’s completely different from just sitting though lectures and passing your exams. The third point is the fact that ATLAS is not just knowledge-centred: because of the way things are done here, you get to develop other skills, such as leadership skills”

Above: U. Twente Student Housing

Attractively, on-campus accommodation [in one of the only campus universities in the Netherlands setting] is guaranteed for selected students. 

Tuition Fees for Liberal Arts programmes in the Netherlands are higher than the statutory tuition fee of EUR1906; at ATLAS, fees are EUR3182.. However the full fee can be claimed in the Dutch Tuition Fee Loan system. Contact EUNiCAS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details  of further  student funding available in the Netherlands. You should also note that ATLAS has a Scholarship Scheme, available to EU students, and the 01 April deadline to apply to this fund has been extended. Details here.

For information on, and support for, applying to this programme, you should contact EUNiCAS