New Dutch Student Finance System
Written on Thursday, 16 July 2015 16:36

The rules for Dutch Student Finance are changing for 2015-2016.

UK and Irish students can continue to benefit from Dutch student finance, though the rules will change, slightly, from September 2015. All EU citizens, are entitled to the following financial supports in the Netherlands:

1. Tuition Fee Loan [collegegeldkrediet]

2. [Living Expenses] Loan

3. Grant [where family earns less than €46,000 pa]

The repayment period for the above loans has been extended to 35 years, from graduation. This year, the interest rate on these loans was a very low 0.12%. You should note that, to be entitled to the Living Expenses Loan and or Grant, of up to €854 per month, you need to acquire a part-time job in the Netherlands. This condition does not apply to the Tuition Fee Loan. The Tuition Fee Loan covers full fees for the programme for which you have been accepted.

The biggest change, for 2015, is that the Living Expenses Loan was previously a Grant, though some element of the grant characteristics of this support remain in the grant that is available to families who earn less than €46,000 pa.

Above: the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands

To apply for Tuition Fee Loans, you need an Acceptance Letter from a Dutch University or University of Applied Sciences and have to acquired a Dutch address and be registered with the relevant local municipality. Most universities will assist you with this registration.

Financial Support in the Netherlands is managed through DUO [Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs], which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science & Culture., in the Netherlands.

Some Dutch Application Deadlines Fast Approaching
Written on Friday, 10 April 2015 19:04

There are upcoming Application Deadlines [01 May] for some excellent English-taught BA/BSc degree programmes in Dutch Research Universities, including

Archaeology [Leiden U]
Automotive Engineering [TU Eindhoven]
Communication & Media [Erasmus U]
Computer Science & Engineering [TU Eindhoven]
Computer Science [VU Amsterdam] 15 May
Electrical Engineering [U.Twente]
European Languages & Culture [U. Groningen]
European Studies [U. Amsterdam]
Global Law [U. Tilburg]
History [Erasmus U]
International Business [Erasmus U]
International Business [U. Maastricht]
International & European Law [U. Groningen]
International Relations [U. Groningen]
International Studies [Leiden U]
Liberal Arts & Sciences {Erasmus U]
Psychology [U. Maastricht] 15 May
Psychology [U. Groningen]
Science [U. Maastricht]

Above: University of Twente: the only Dutch Research University to
have a 'campus', on the
traditional model from anglophone countries

Register with us and we will help you apply to any of the above programmes.

Other programmes in Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences have deadlines in June, July and even August

Application Alert for the Netherlands
Written on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 23:44

The application deadline for the following undergraduate programmes, taught through English, in the Netherlands, is fast approaching:

Physiotherapy: Hanze UAS: 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Leiden - 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Amsterdam - 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Utrecht - 01.02.15
Sports Management: Amsterdam UAS – 01.02.15
Psychology: U. Leiden - 15.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Maastricht - 01.03.15
Physiotherapy: Saxion UAS - 01.03.15
Physiotherapy: Amsterdam UAS – 01.03.15
Politics, Philosophy & Law: U. Amsterdam - 15.03.15
Aerospace Engineering: T.U. Delft – 01.04.15
Psychology: Erasmus U – 01.04.15

Above: University of Amsterdam

Other important deadlines, including programmes at U. Groningen, are on 01 May, though some programmes in the Netherlands, especially in the Universities of Applied Sciences, will accept applications until late August.


- Application for Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland close next week, on 27.01
- Applications for programmes in Denmark open on 01 February [and close on 15.03]

Open Days Coming Up in Groningen, Maastricht and elsewhere in the Netherlands
Written on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 23:56

University Open Days are coming up, in the coming weeks, in universities across the Netherlands>

Open Days are a critical tool in your information gathering armoury: this is true for universities that you might be considering at home, and it is even more important, if you are thinking of studying in Continental Europe. Not only do Open Days give you the opportunity to get the feel for the culture and environment of your potential new faculty, university and city, but they give you the opportunity to meet the real ‘experts’, those UK or Irish students who are already studying in that university. They are also a good opportunity for those of you with resistant parents to show them what a good university option you are considering.

After their Open Day this Friday [31 October], especially for UK and Irish Students, University of Groningen has another Open Day on 7th November. You can either stay in Groningen until the next day, and go the Open Day at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, or take the train to the Open Day [8th November] in either University of Maastricht or University of Leiden. On the same day is the Open Day for Amsterdam UAS.

The following weekend also gives you the opportunity to take in two or more university visits. It sees the Open Days at Saxion UAS, in Enschede [14th November], followed by Open Days, on the Saturday [15th November] in the Hague UAS or NHTV Breda or Fontys UAS, in Venlo, or Stenden UAS.

Later in the month, are the Open Days at U. Twente, in Enschede, [19th November], University College Utrecht [22nd November], HZ UAS, in Vlissingen [also 22nd November] and Avans UAS, in Breda [26th November]

Many of these Open Days require pre-registration. We are delighted to assist you in registering. Contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we ensure that you are registered.

You can plan your journeys between cities, on the excellent Dutch railway system, here

If you cant make a particular Open Day, or two that you find attractive are on the same day, EUNiCAS can assist you in organising an individual visit. Contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to organise a visit.

More private school students enrol in overseas universities: Telegraph
Written on Saturday, 25 October 2014 20:43

Daily Telegraph: 25th October 2014

Increasing numbers of pupils from leading private schools are taking university courses
overseas because of concerns over rising tuition fees in the UK.

A survey of members of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, which
represents 260 top fee-paying schools, found evidence of a significant shift towards
international universities.According to figures, nine-in-10 heads have seen an increase in
students wanting to study overseas over the last three years. Some 84 per cent are
actively encouraging pupils to include international universities in their options, it emerged.
It marks a major shift since the introduction of higher tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year
for the first time in 2012.

The study, which was commissioned by Maastricht University in the Netherlands, found
that a rise in domestic tuition fees was the biggest driver of overseas study, followed by
increased awareness of opportunities and an attempt to enhance students’ career prospects.
The United States is often seen as the most popular destination for students studying outside
the UK, with 9,500 crossing the Atlantic for higher education courses last year. But courses
in mainland Europe are now also increasingly popular, with more teenagers taking degrees
in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and Sweden.Universities in Canada
and Australia are also growing in popularity, it emerged.

The study also revealed that heads believed more should be done to encourage overseas
study in the country generally, particularly in the state system. More than half claimed that
careers advisers failed to promote international universities enough and a similar number
believed students taking domestic degrees should be given more opportunity to spend part
of their course abroad.

Richard Harman, chairman of HMC and headmaster of Uppingham School, said: “For many
decades students studying languages at university have expected and looked forward to a
period of study abroad. In recent years the value of this experience had become recognised as
something from which all undergraduates can benefit.

Above: Maastricht

Bedales School, Hampshire, now sends almost one-in-10 pupils to universities abroad,
including those in Italy, Netherlands, Canada and the US.Keith Budge, the headmaster, said: “At
Bedales we encourage our students to consider all university options – in particular to look at
overseas universities especially in North America and Europe, and we certainly seeing more demand
from our students for this.“Also, for the majority going on to a UK university, we promote the
massive benefits of spending some time abroad; there is no doubt that these experiences improve
students’ employability.”

Prof Martin Paul, president of Maastricht University, where the number of UK undergraduates has
more than doubled in the past three years, said: “While the message is getting through to students
that studying abroad can significantly improve employability, there continues to be a need to
provide more opportunities and information. Maastricht University has been a trend-setter in enhancing
international career prospects by stimulating student mobility, and we welcome other European
universities to join this strategy.

A Note from EUNiCAS: in addition to students from fee-paying schools, EUNiCAS can confirm a
surge in applications to these universities from students who have studied at a range of state-sector

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