Vacant Places Still Available Across Europe
Written on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 15:50

Vacant places are still available in many Continental European Universities. Note that these places are being quickly snapped up, so you should act now. Contact us for your next move on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Where fees are shown against Dutch programmes, be aware that all EU students can have these fees paid by way of a loan from the Dutch government, with 35 years to pay it back.

There are currently vacancies on the following programme [UPDATED 24.08.15]:

Deadline Fee [Eur]
Humanitas University ITA 28-Aug 10000
MU Lublin POL 31-Aug 10000
MU Silesia POL 12-Sep 10000
MU Varna BUL 18-Sep 8000 *
Rigas Stradins U: Feb Start LAT 30-Nov 8000
U Sofia BUL 08-Sep 4650 *
Veterinary Science
Warsaw University LS POL 1 place 7600
MU Varna BUL 18-Sep 8000 *
MU Lublin POL 31-Aug 10,800
Rigas Stradins U.: Feb Start LAT 30-Nov 14,000
University of Malta MAL 31-Aug Nil
Touro College FRA 31-Aug 7500
University Vincent Pol POL 15-Sep 3600
Sports Science
University Vincent Pol POL 15-Sep 3600
Liberal Arts & Sciences
University of Amsterdam [Feb Entry] NETH 01-Nov 4076 *
University of Maastricht [Feb Entry] NETH 01-Nov 3225 *
University of Utrecht: [Feb Entry] NETH 15-Sep 3750 *
Hague UAS [LLB International Law] NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University of Malta MAL 31-Aug Nil
European/International Relations & Politics
Hague UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University of Milan ITA 01-Sep 690+
University of Warsaw POL 19-Sep 3000
Hanze UAS [International Business] NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
Hague UAS [International Business] NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
University Aarhus [Economics/Business] DEN x Nil
SKEMA Business School FRA 30-Aug 7935
Stenden UAS NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
NHTV Breda NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
VIA University College [Sales & Marketing] DEN 22-Aug Nil
Performing Arts
Institute of Arts Barcelona SPA 01-Oct 9950
Fine Art
Prague College CZE 01-Sep 4250
Information Technology/Computer Science
Copenhagen Sch Design & Technology: Feb Start DEN 15-Oct Nil
University Coll N. Denmark: Feb Start DEN 05-Dec Nil
Hanze UAS NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
Game Design/Multimedia Design
Hanze UAS NETH 28-Aug 1951 *
University Aalborg [Art & Technology] DEN 15-Sep Nil
Copenhagen Sch Design & Technology: Feb Start DEN x Nil
Media & Entertainment Management
Stenden UAS NETH 30-Aug 1951 *
University Aalborg  [Chemical] DEN 15-Sep Nil
University Aalborg  [ Electronics & IT] DEN 15-Sep Nil
University Aarhus [Global Mngmnt/Manufacturing] DEN x Nil
VIA Uni College [Architectural Technology] DEN x Nil
VIA University College [Civil] DEN x Nil
VIA University College [Mechanical] DEN x Nil
Life Sciences
University Aalborg [Biotechnology] DEN 15-Sep Nil
Lund University [Physics]: Feb Start SWE 17-Aug
JKU Linz [Biochemistry] AUS 05-Sep Nil
SKEMA  [Marine Development] FRA 31-Aug 7935
University of Maastricht [Bsc Science]: Feb Start NETH 01-Nov 3225 *
Universita Tor Vergata [Pharmacy] ITA 30-Aug 1315
Tourism/Hotel Management
NHTV Breda UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
Stenden UAS NETH 31-Aug 1951 *
x places filled on ongoing basis, so early applications recommended
* tuition fee loans available

Danish Universities Announce Vacant Places
Written on Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:23

Today, Danish universities have begun to announce vacant places for some of their programmes, taught through English. These are listed below. Many of these programmes can be applied to until 30th September, on a "first-come-first served basis". However, if you want to compete for palces, based on grades, you should apply before 6th August. Contact EUNiCAS for assistance This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Vacant Places:

University of Aalborg
Art and Technology
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 
Electronics and Computer Engineering 
Language and International Studies
Manufacturing and Operations Engineering
Sustainable Biotechnology

Above: University of Aarhus

University of Southern Denmark
Market and Management Anthropology
Economics and Business Administration - Business Management
Product Development and Innovation
Engineering (Innovation and Business)
Engineering (Mechatronics)
Interaction Design
Economics and Business Administration
Business, language and culture (Chinese)
Modern Language and Intercultural Communication
Economics and Information Technology

Roskilde University
Natural Sciences [combine two subject areas]

Architectural Technology and Construction Management
Civil Engineering
Construction Technology
Global Business Engineering
ICT Engineering
Materials Science and Product Design
Mechanical Engineering
Supply Engineering
Value Chain Management

University of Aarhus
Economics & Business Administration
Global Management & Engineering

Note: there are no tuition fees in Denmark, for EU students

New Dutch Student Finance System
Written on Thursday, 16 July 2015 16:36

The rules for Dutch Student Finance are changing for 2015-2016.

UK and Irish students can continue to benefit from Dutch student finance, though the rules will change, slightly, from September 2015. All EU citizens, are entitled to the following financial supports in the Netherlands:

1. Tuition Fee Loan [collegegeldkrediet]

2. [Living Expenses] Loan

3. Grant [where family earns less than €46,000 pa]

The repayment period for the above loans has been extended to 35 years, from graduation. This year, the interest rate on these loans was a very low 0.12%. You should note that, to be entitled to the Living Expenses Loan and or Grant, of up to €854 per month, you need to acquire a part-time job in the Netherlands. This condition does not apply to the Tuition Fee Loan. The Tuition Fee Loan covers full fees for the programme for which you have been accepted.

The biggest change, for 2015, is that the Living Expenses Loan was previously a Grant, though some element of the grant characteristics of this support remain in the grant that is available to families who earn less than €46,000 pa.

Above: the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands

To apply for Tuition Fee Loans, you need an Acceptance Letter from a Dutch University or University of Applied Sciences and have to acquired a Dutch address and be registered with the relevant local municipality. Most universities will assist you with this registration.

Financial Support in the Netherlands is managed through DUO [Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs], which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science & Culture., in the Netherlands.

Some Dutch Application Deadlines Fast Approaching
Written on Friday, 10 April 2015 19:04

There are upcoming Application Deadlines [01 May] for some excellent English-taught BA/BSc degree programmes in Dutch Research Universities, including

Archaeology [Leiden U]
Automotive Engineering [TU Eindhoven]
Communication & Media [Erasmus U]
Computer Science & Engineering [TU Eindhoven]
Computer Science [VU Amsterdam] 15 May
Electrical Engineering [U.Twente]
European Languages & Culture [U. Groningen]
European Studies [U. Amsterdam]
Global Law [U. Tilburg]
History [Erasmus U]
International Business [Erasmus U]
International Business [U. Maastricht]
International & European Law [U. Groningen]
International Relations [U. Groningen]
International Studies [Leiden U]
Liberal Arts & Sciences {Erasmus U]
Psychology [U. Maastricht] 15 May
Psychology [U. Groningen]
Science [U. Maastricht]

Above: University of Twente: the only Dutch Research University to
have a 'campus', on the
traditional model from anglophone countries

Register with us and we will help you apply to any of the above programmes.

Other programmes in Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences have deadlines in June, July and even August

Application Alert for the Netherlands
Written on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 23:44

The application deadline for the following undergraduate programmes, taught through English, in the Netherlands, is fast approaching:

Physiotherapy: Hanze UAS: 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Leiden - 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Amsterdam - 01.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Utrecht - 01.02.15
Sports Management: Amsterdam UAS – 01.02.15
Psychology: U. Leiden - 15.02.15
Liberal Arts & Sciences: U. Maastricht - 01.03.15
Physiotherapy: Saxion UAS - 01.03.15
Physiotherapy: Amsterdam UAS – 01.03.15
Politics, Philosophy & Law: U. Amsterdam - 15.03.15
Aerospace Engineering: T.U. Delft – 01.04.15
Psychology: Erasmus U – 01.04.15

Above: University of Amsterdam

Other important deadlines, including programmes at U. Groningen, are on 01 May, though some programmes in the Netherlands, especially in the Universities of Applied Sciences, will accept applications until late August.


- Application for Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland close next week, on 27.01
- Applications for programmes in Denmark open on 01 February [and close on 15.03]

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